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Global CI is dedicated to furthering EMR adoption by commercial and government interests in order to provide an opportunity for healthier living.

In our many years of service we have helped to facilitate the reduction of time it takes for American citizens to get SSA disability claims paid sooner and more accurately, as well as Medicare and Medicaid payments.

We have helped medical providers understand the government landscape and how they can help collect from private payers and turn those individuals into viable consumers. We are HIT consultants to large system integrators, EMR system companies, US federal agencies, non-profit associations, hospitals and other providers in strategic planning, enterprise architecture, systems’ design, development, QA and implementation, proposal creation and responses.

Global CI participates in standards and adoption committees with FHA and ONC. Our specialized HIT expertise enabled us to perform the tasks listed here. 


A sampling of the broad range of leadership roles provided and tasks performed by Global CI in dealing with a variety of HIT initiatives:

  • Lead and support of Social Security Administration’s Health IT efforts including serving as the Agency Technical Lead for Health IT Standards on HITSP, ASTM and HL7 Workgroups

  • Relationship Management with outside entities (Federal Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Advocacy Groups, Health IT Software Vendors, Employers)

  • Agency Representative for Federal Health IT Policy Council, HITSP (Health IT Standards Panel) Committees (EHR, Consumer Empowerment, Foundations and Security/Privacy)

  • Experience with the development and testing of CDA/CCD-based documents including HITSP constructs such as the C32: HITSP Summary Documents using HL7 CCD (Registration and Medication History) and C37: Lab Report Document

  • Extensive experience with multiple versions of the HITSP Component Constructs including the C32: HITSP Summary Documents using HL7 CCD (Registration and Medication History), C37: Lab Report Document, C48: Encounter Document, C62: Unstructured Document

  • Experience with patient authorization, consents and consumer preferences using HITSP Transaction Packages: TP13 – Manage Sharing of Documents Transaction Package, TP20 – Access Control Transaction Package, TP22 – Patient ID Cross-Referencing Transaction Package, TP30 – Manage Consent Directives Transaction Package

  • Technical Background includes participation in NHIN (Nationwide Health Information Network) Technical Specification development for clinical content such as the NHIN Patient Summary and Core Interoperability Specifications for Authorization Framework, Service Registry, Consumer Preferences, Patient Discovery, Document Query and Retrieve Documents

  • Interoperability experience includes development and testing of the underlying IHE XCA, XCPD, XDS.a, XDS.b, ATNA and PIX specifications that support the NHIN effort

  • Lead of an effort to development an IHE Provider Registry specification for the 2010 timeframe

  • Architecture, Development and Test experience in the FHA (Federal Health Architecture) CONNECT Gateway

  • Teamed with the Lockheed Martin Usability Center Team supporting SSA with Interface Designers/Human Factors Engineers providing comprehensive analytical and design services throughout the entire software development lifecycle


A few examples of the participation positions and activities that Global CI personnel hold in supporting HIT nationally:

  • Member of the NHIN Profile specification factory workgroup; Currently involved in the inclusion of the CDC Geocoded Interoperable Population Summary Exchange (GIPSE) Profile into the NHIN

  • Business Analysis (Value Proposition, Cost Benefit Analysis, Capacity & Performance Planning, & OMB Health IT Scorecard Tracking)

  • Program Development and Relationship Management for Client Agency with outside entities (Federal Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Advocacy Groups, Health IT Software Vendors)

  • Technical Leadership for Health IT Standards on ANSI, ASTM and HL7 Workgroups

  • Client Agency Representative for HITSP (Health IT Standards Panel) EHR, Consumer Empowerment, Foundations & Security/Privacy Committees

  • Client Agency Representative for Federal Health IT Policy Council

  • Electronic Medical Records Conversion & Warehousing

  • Agency Technical Lead for Health IT Initiatives

  • Agency Federal Health Architecture Technical Lead

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