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Global CI’s proprietary process leverages technology in its recruiting process in order to consistently meet the technology, schedule, cost and quality objectives of the projects and the clients that we support.

Our approach to recruiting and hiring information technologists is particularly effective in supporting government Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts. Our carefully crafted approach to identifying, qualifying and hiring personnel enables Global CI to meet tight task order proposal timeframes, to cost effectively meet the exacting and often demanding personnel requirements of competitive task orders and to meet the ambitious project startup schedules often required by task order solicitations.

Using a Human Capital Management Process (HCMP) for over ten years, Global CI now has the ability to reduce the time previously required to define, source and identify appropriate candidates by almost 70%. Additionally, the use of the HCMP allows for Global CI recruiters to focus their time on the technical interview and personality screening which can be facilitated by, but cannot be replaced by, an automated process. 

This technology facilitated personal touch allows for Global CI recruiters to “dig deeper” into a candidate’s background of experience, and to determine if they are the correct fit for the client. The HCMP has created a huge repository of candidates for Global CI to call upon without resorting to time consuming job postings or searches on job boards. The HCMP stores and automatically refreshes information about more than 810,000 possible candidates located in the U.S. and abroad. Utilizing its technology enhanced approach to Human Capital Management enables Global CI to identify and qualify potential hires within 48 to 72 hours!


Global CI orientation begins with the first contact with a potential new employee. Many studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the depth of orientation a new employee receives and the length of time an employee stays on the job. We strive to inform each individual of all steps and processes, expectations and rewards they should expect. Once a new employee has completed all background checks, testing and clearance requirements and is onboard we begin the formal orientation process. Whether that employee is working in house or on the client site, they are walked through our employee manual and they meet essential personnel including the CEO. We make sure all questions are answered. We recognize that there is a great deal of new information delivered during the first few days of employment. Therefore all of our documents including our business ethics, employee manual, human resources forms, government forms, and other pertinent information is maintained, kept up to date, and available online.

Global CI recognizes that it is critical to our organization and the mission of our clients to retain essential personnel. We also understand that employees that spend most of their time at our client site require our attention and we work with our clients so they understand the benefit this attention has to their project(s). Global CI pays competitive salaries and provides exceptional benefits. Among these many benefits is training and education.


Global CI provides formal training in many forms to our staff and client personnel. These events include scheduled seminars, classes, and paid training presented by other organizations. We encourage our employees to take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program and technical lending library. Additionally, ​we hold training seminars that attract our staff, our clients staff and other project relevant staff. Often we hold classes when we discover an issue during our standard project performance reviews that can be resolved with training.

An example of this is that we were noticing too many code review iterations during a government software development project. Upon further investigation we determined that this was due to non-compliant security issues. We suggested to the client that we conduct FISMA compliance training to project staff. This staff included government, other contractors and Global CI personnel. We continued to monitor the project after the training and were able to show that code review iterations decreased. This helped our client reduce time to delivery, development costs and security risks. We always behave with our client’s project and mission in mind.

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